Copyright Act, 1956 (United Kingdom)

Copyright Act, 1956  (1956) 
by the Parliament of the United Kingdom

Copyright Act, 1956
4 & 5 Eliz. 2   Ch. 74


Part I

Copyright in Original Works


1. Nature of copyright under this Act.
2. Copyright in literary, dramatic and musical works.
3. Copyright in artistic works.
4. Ownership of copyright in literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works.
5. Infringements by importation, sale and other dealings.
6. General exceptions from protection of literary, dramatic and musical works.
7. Special exceptions as respects libraries and archives.
8. Special exception in respect of records of musical works.
9. General exceptions from protection of artistic works.
10. Special exception in respect of industrial designs.
11. Provisions as to anonymous and pseudonymous works, and works of joint authorship.

Part II
Copyright in Sound Recordings, Cinematograph Films, Broadcasts, etc.

12. Copyright in sound recordings.
13. Copyright in cinematography films.
14. Copyright in television broadcasts and sound broadcasts.
15. Copyright in published editions of Works.
16. Supplementary provisions for purposes of Part II.

Part III
Remedies for Infringements of Copyright

17. Action by owner of copyright for infringement.
18. Rights of owner of copyright in respect of infringing copies, etc.
19. Proceedings in case of copyright subject to exclusive licence.
20. Proof of facts in copyright actions.
21. Penalties and summary proceedings in respect of dealings which infringe copyright.
22. Provision for restricting importation of printed copies.

Part IV
Performing Right Tribunal

23. Establishment of tribunal.
24. General provisions as to jurisdiction of tribunal.
25. Reference of licence schemes to tribunal.
26. Further reference of scheme to tribunal.
27. Applications to tribunal.
28. Exercise of jurisdiction of tribunal in relation to diffusion of foreign broadcasts.
29. Effect of orders of tribunal, and supplementary provisions relating thereto.
30. Reference of questions of law to the court.

Part V
Extension or Restriction of Operation of Act

31. Extension of Act to Isle of Man, Channel Islands, colonies. and dependencies.
32. Application of Act to countries to which it does not extend.
33. Provisions as to international organisations.
34. Extended application of provisions relating to broadcasts.
35. Denial of copyright to citizens of countries not giving adequate protection to British Works.

Part VI
Miscellaneous and Supplementary Provisions

36. Assignments and licences in respect of copyright.
37. Prospective ownership of copyright.
38. Copyright to pass under will with unpublished Work.
39. Provisions as to Crown and Government departments.
40. Broadcasts of sound recordings and cinematography films, and diffusion of broadcast programmes.
41. Use of copyright material for education.
42. Special provisions as to public records.
43. False attribution of authorship.
44. Amendments of Registered Designs Act, 1949.
45. Amendment of Dramatic and Musical Performers' Protection Act, 1925.
46. Savings.
47. General provisions as to Orders in Council, regulations, rules and orders, and as to Board of Trade.
48. Interpretation.
49. Supplementary provisions as to interpretation.
50. Transitional provisions, and repeals.
51. Short title, commencement and extent.
First Schedule—False Registration of Industrial Designs.

Second Schedule—Duration of Copyright in Anonymous and Pseudonymous Works.

Third Schedule—Works of Joint Authorship.

Fourth Schedule—Provisions as to Performing Right Tribunal.

Fifth Schedule—Appointment of Television Copyright Organisations by British Broadcasting Corporation and Independent Television Authority.

Sixth Schedule—Amendment of Dramatic and Musical Performers' Protection Act, 1925.

Seventh Schedule—Transitional Provisions.

Eighth Schedule—Provisions of Copyright Act, 1911, and Rules, referred to in Seventh Schedule.

Ninth Schedule—Enactments Repealed.

This work is in the public domain worldwide because the work was created by a public body of the United Kingdom with Crown Status and commercially published before 1972.

See Crown copyright artistic works, Crown copyright non-artistic works and List of Public Bodies with Crown Status.