Cromwell letter to Lord Harry

Cromwell letter to his son, Lord Harry Cromwell  (1657) 
by Oliver Cromwell

Harry Cromwell,

I have seriously thought of your letter, and thank you for your care expressed in the business which I imparted to you under the caution of secrcy, of which I suppose you will hear more hereafter.

I am sorry you wrote me some sad apprehensions of some enemies of yours to be about me; truly none dare appear so, and I am persusaded if you think your B. Fleetwood to be so, you are mistaken.

It were dangerous for you to think so, and he not be so, and safer for you to be mistaken, for indeed none (I hope) can wrong you with me, and though all things answer not, by you humble and patient, place value where it truly lies, viz, in the favour of God, in knowing Him, or rather in being known of Him. If your heart be truly here, you cannot miscarry.

I am sorry you gave me not one word about Lieutenant-Colonel Brafeild's business. I did see my Lord Broghill's account thereof. It was as fair as I believe the business would bear, but yet, though he solicited a trial, he should not have had it. I would not have put him upon men, or I would have after restored him. I would not believe 2 carnal men against one such protesting innocency, those it being in a case concerning myself, where it is in my power to pardon without injustice.

I am afraid you have erred in this. If you can, I pray you give a remedy for my sake, and let the poor man be handsomely restored.

My love to your wife and children, I rest,
Your loving Father,
Oliver P.