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I. Dark Night. (Motto.)

      Horizon in mourning black – !... the Angel of darkness flies in silence over surface of calm waters and drowsing forests – !... Oh black night! oh terrible night, my spirit loves you – !.... Nor ornamented by star!.. Nor one ray!.. some restless lightning, running from distant storm – lightning sways and disappears in dead abyss . . .
      But sky lightens!. . already swallow twitter touched voice of beak – – and lark wonders in his prophetic psalm. . . . Dawn with silvery wings comes and throws garland of diamonds from his burning forehead on the earth, which being chatting. . . Night strokes his hair and covered in her fogs avoids Morning’s passionate chase – – Far from here chime bell sounds hardly and gets lost in wave movements of cereals. . . . . Black shadow disappears – oh my soul when I so brighten by your darknesses, then your morning is good luck far in the bosom of centuries . . .
                  („Poezye Studenta” <Student's poetries>, Vol. II.) [1]

II. Bright Night. (Motto.)

      Oh soul, abandon your body!
      Fly and dream boldly. . . . Your shoulders crossed on your bosom, your forehead among the stars – – ! . .
Bright night ringing nightingales – by the prayer of flowers in tears will inspire beaming air. . . . . This is for you! . . . mysterious and dream. . . . moon rises over mountain through black creaking pines . . . Oh fly in infinity – look for your ideal and marking your way before we will mark it for you! . . . .
      Oh soul abandon your body!
      Fly and dream boldly! . –
                  („Poezye Studenta” <Student's poetries>, Vol. II.)

  1. „Poezye Studenta” <Student's poetries>, Vol. II – some thought, that this volume wasn’t published, or even doesn’t exist. However, we have some quotations. (M.T.)