Destitute Persons Act 1846/Section 22

Parties aggrieved &c. may appeal.

22.If any person shall feel aggrieved by any conviction or order to be made under the authority of this Ordinance, and shall, within five days after such conviction or the making of such order, give notice of appeal to the party on whose information or complaint such conviction or order may have been made, and also within seven days give sufficient security, by recognizance or otherwise, for the payment of costs to the satisfaction of some one Justice of the Peace, it shall be lawful for the person so feeling aggrieved as aforesaid to appeal to the General Quarter Sessions of the Peace to be holden after the period of

fourteen days next after the making of the said order, and the Justices in such Quarter Sessions assembled shall thereupon hear and determine such appeal, and shall order such costs to be paid by either party as to them shall seem fit. Every such appeal, except so far as otherwise herein provided, shall be made in manner and subject to the conditions prescribed for regulating appeals by the Summary Proceedings Ordinance, Session II., No.5: Provided always that if there shall be no Court of General Quarter Sessions having jurisdiction over the county or district in which any such conviction or order shall be made, it shall be lawful for the party aggrieved to appeal to the Supreme Court.

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