Destitute Persons Act 1846/Section 8

And to make an order for payment of additional sum for education &c.

8.In every case where the order on the putative father shall be made in favour of the Half-caste child, or in favour of any other person of the Native race, It shall be lawful for such Justices to make an order on the putative father for the payment of an additional sum to be applied at such times and in such manner as they may direct to the education of such child in the English language and in the duties of the Christian religion: Provided always that the sum to be paid as last aforesaid shall in no case exceed one-fourth of the sum to be paid as aforesaid for the support of the child, nor the whole sum to be paid as hereinafter provided, in composition for such sum: Provided also that when and so soon as any such child shall by order of such Justices be committed to the custody of any person of the European race, such additional sum shall cease to be paid.

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