Diary of the times of Charles II/Volume 1/Diary continued, August 31

31st. August.I received letters from Mr. Mountstevens[1] and others; all speaking of the King's indisposition. Mr. Cox came from Brussels. He told me how the Duke asked a hundred questions about me; that he did not speak well of Lord Sunderland; he gave me some reason to suspect Fitzpatrick; told me what abundance of money they had; he is angry at Sir Greorge Wakeman's coming to Brussels. Mr. Rockwood dined here, and told me how troubled they were, because there was no heir to the Elector, who will not be persuaded to marry again. His son hath no children, and the Palatinate will go to the Duke of Neuburg, who is a Papist.

  1. Mr. Mountstevens must have been secretary to Lord Sunderland.