Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography/A'bnoba

Ạ̻'BNOBA (Αύνοβα: Schwarzwald, BlackForest), a range of hills in Germany, extending from the Oberland of Baden northward as far as the modern town of Pforzheim. In later times it was sometimes called Silva Marciana. On its eastern side are the sources of the Danube. Its name is sometimes spelt Arnoba or Arbona, but the correct orthography is established by inscriptions. (Orelli, Inscr. Lat. no. 1986.) Ptolemy (ii. 11. § 7) incorrectly places the range of the Abnoba too far N. between the Maine and the source of the Ems. (Tadt. Germ. 1 ; Fest. Avien. Descript. Orb. 437; Plin. iv. 12. s. 24; Martian. Capell. vi. § 662 ;comp. Creuzer, Zur Gesch. der Alt-Rom. Cultur, pp. 65, 108.)[ L. S. ]