Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography/Abodi'acum

ABODI'ACUM, AUODI'ACUM (Άβουδίακον, Tab. Pent.; Ptol. ii. 13. § 5 Abuzacum, Vit S. Magu. 28), a town of Vindelicia, probably coinciding with the modern Epfach on the river Lech, where remains of Roman buildings are still extant. The stations, however, in the Itineraries and the Pentingerian Table are not easily identified with the site of Epfach; and Abodiacum is placed by some topographers at the hamlet of Peisenberg, on the slope of a hill with the same name, or in the neighbourhood of Rosenheim in Bavaria. (Itin. Auton; Muchar Noricum, p. 283.)[ W. B. D. ]