Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography/Absy'rtides

ABSY'RTIDES or APSYRTIDES (Άψυρτίδες: Eth. Άψυρτευς, Άψυρτυς: Cherso and Osero), the name of two islands off the coast of Illyricum, so called because, according to one tradition, Absyrtus was slain here by his sister Medea and by Jason. Ptolemy mentions only one island Apsorrus (Άψορρος), on which me places two towns Crepes (Κρεψα) and Apsorrus. (Strab. p. 315; Steph. Byz. s. v.; Mel. ii. 7; Plin. iii. 26; Ptol. ii. 16. S 13.)