Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography/Acalandrus

ACALANDRUS (Άκάλανδρος), a river of Lucania, flowing into the golf of Tarentum. It is mentioned both by Pliny and Strabo, the former of whom appears to place it to the north of Heraclea: but his authority is not very distinct, and Strabo, on the contrary, dearly states that it was in the territory of Thurii, on which account Alexander of Epirus sought to transfer to its banks the general assembly of the Italian Greeks that had been previously held at Heraclea. [Heraclea.] Cluverius and other topographers, following the authority of Pliny, have identified it with the Salandrella, a small river between the Basiento and Agri; but there can be little doubt that Barrio and Romanelli are correct in supposing it to be a small stream, still called the Calandro, flowing into the sea a little N. of Roseto and about 10 miles S. of the mouth of the Siris or Sinno. It was probably the boundary between the territories of Heradea and Thurii. (Plin. iii. 11. § 15; Strab. p. 280; Cluver. Ital. p. 1277; Barrius de Ant, Calabr. v. 20; Romanelli, vol. i. p. 244.) [ E. H. B. ]