Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography/Acci

ACCI (Άκκι: Guadix el viejo, between Granada and Baza) a considerable inland city of Hispania on the border of Baetica; under the Romans a colony, with the Jus Latinum, under the full name of Colonia Julia Gemella Accitana. Its coins are numerous, bearing the heads of Augustus, Tiberius, and Caligula, and of the legions iii. and vi., from which it was colonised by Julius or Augustus, and from which it derived the name of Gemella (Itin. Ant. pp. 402, 404; Plin. iii. 3. a. 4; Inacr. ap. Gruter, p. 271; Eckhel, vol. i. pp. 34-35; Rasche, s. v.) According to Macrobius (Sat. i. 19), Mars was worshipped here with his head surrounded with the sun's rays, under the name of Netos. Such an emblem is seen on the coins.[ P. S. ]