Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography/Ado'nis

ADO'NIS (Aa«K«: Nahr el Ibrahim), a small river of Syria, which rising in Mount Libanus enters the Mediterranean a few miles to the S. of Byblu^ Maundrell records the fact which he himself wi? nessed, that after a sudden fall of rain, the river descending in floods is tinged of a deep red by the SOU of the hills in which it takes its rise, and imparts this colour to the sea for a considerable distance. Hence some have sought to explain the legend of the beautiful Adonis, who was killed by a wild boar on Mount Libanus (Strab. p. 755; Lucian, de Dea Syr. I; Plin. v. 20.; Nonn. Dionys. iiL 80, xx. ' 144.)' [ W. R. ]