Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography/Aedepsus

AEDEPSUS (Αἴδηψος: Eth. Αἰδήψιος: Lipso), a town on the NW. coast of Euboea, 160 stadia from Cynus on the opposite coast of the Opuntian Locri. It contained warm baths sacred to Hercules, which were used by the dictator Sulla. These warm baths are still found about a mile above Lipso, the site of Aedepsus. (Strab. pp. 60, 425; Athen. p. 73; Plut. Sull 26, Symp. iv. 4, where Γάληψος is a false reading; Steph. B. s. v.; Ptol. iii 15. § 23; Plin. iv. 21; Leake, Northern Greece, yol. ii. p. 176; Walpole, Travels, &c., p. 71.)