Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography/Atinta'nia

ATINTA'NIA (Άτιντανία: Eth. Άτιντάν, -άνος), a mountainous district in Illyria, north of Molossis and east of Parauaea, through which the Aons flows, in the upper part of its course. It is described by Livy (xiv. 30) as poor in soil and rude in climate. The Atintanes are first mentioned in B.C. 429, among the barbarians who assisted the Ambraciots in their invasion of Peloponnesus, upon which occasion the Atintanes and Molossi were commanded by the same leader. (Thuc. ii. 80.) On the conclusion of the first war between Philip and the Romans, Atintania was assigned to Macedonia, B.C. 204; and after the conquest of Perseus in B.C. 168, it was included in one of the four districts into which the Romans divided Macedonia. (Liv. xxvii. 30, xiv. 30.) It is not mentioned by Ptolemy, as it formed part of Chaonia. (Comp. Strab. vii. p. 326; Pol. ii. 5; Scylax, s. v. Ίλλύριος; Lycophr. 1043; Steph. B. s. r.; Leake, Northern Greece, vol. iv. p. 118.)