Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography/Atrax

ATRAX C^'^P^^* also *ATpa«£a. Steph. B.; PtoL iii. 13. § 42: Eth. 'ArpdKiot)^ a Perrhaebian town in Thessaly, described by Livy as situated above the river Peneius, at the distance of about 10 miles from Larissa. (Liv. xxxii. 15, comp.zxxvi. 18.) Strabo says that the Peneius passed by the cities of Tricca, Pelinnaeum and Parcadon, on its Irft, on its course to Atrax and Larissa. (Strab. ix. p. 438.) Leake places Atrax on a height upon the left bank of the Peneius, opposite the village of Gunitea. On this height, which is now called SidMro-peliko QHlhipo* WAuror), a place where chippings of iron are found, Leake fbund stones and fragments of ancient pottery, and in one place foundations of an Hellenic walL (Leake, Northern Greece, vd. ilL p. 368, voi. iv. p. 292.)