Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography/Iatinum

IATINUM (Ἰάτινον), according to Ptolemy (ii. 8. § 15) the city of the Meldi, a people of Gallia Lugdunensis. It is supposed to be the same place as the Fixtuinum of the Table [Fixtuinum], and to be represented by the town of Meaux on the Marne. Walckenaer, who trusts more to the accuracy of the distances in the Table than we safely can do, says that the place Fixtuinum has not in the Table the usual mark which designates a capital town, and that the measures do not carry the position of Fixtuinum as far as Meaux, but only as far as Montbout. He conjectures that the word Fixtuinum may be a corruption of Fines Iatinorum, and accordingly must be a place on the boundary of the little community of the Meldi. This conjecture might be good, if the name of the people was Iatini, and not Meldi. [ G. L. ]