Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography/Ichana

ICHANA (Ἴχανα: Eth. Ἰχανῖνος), a city of Sicily, which, according to Stephanus of Byzantium, held out for a long time against the arms of the Syracusans, whence he derives its name (from the verb ἰχανάω, a form equivalent to ἰσχανάω), but gives us no indication of the period to which this statement refers. The Ichanenses, however, are mentioned by Pliny (iii. 8. s- 14) among the stipendiary towns of the interior of Sicily, though, according to Sillig (ad loc.) the true reading is Ipanenses. [Hippana.] In either case we have no clue to the position of the city, and it is a mere random conjecture of Cluverius to give the name of Ichana to the ruins of a city which still remain at a place called Vindicari, a few miles N. of Cape Pachynum, and which were identified (with still less probability) by Fazello as those of Imachara. [ Imachara]