Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography/Jasonium (3)

JASO'NIUM (Ἰασώνιον), a promontory on the coast of Pontus, 130 stadia to the north-east of Polemonium; it is the most projecting cape on that coast, and forms the tenninating point of the chain of Mount Paryadres. It was believed to have received its name from the fact that Jason had landed there. (Strab. xii. p. 548; Arrian, Peripl. p. 17; Anonym. Peripl. p. 11; Ptol. v. 6. § 4; Xenoph. Anab. vi. 2. § 1, who calls it Ἰασονία ἀκτή.) It still bears the name Jasoon, though it is more commonly called Cape Bona or Vona, from a town of the same name. (Hamilton, Researches, vol. i. p. 269.) The Asineia, called a Greek acropolis by Scylax (p. 33), is probably no other than the Jasonium. [ L. S. ]