Dictionary of Indian Biography/Arbuthnot, Sir Alexander John


I.C.S.: son of the Bishop of Killaloe: born Oct. 11, 1822: educated at Rugby and Haileybury: entered the Madras Civil Service, 1842: Director of Public Instruction, 1855: Chief Secretary to Government, Madras, 1862: Additional Member of the Legislative Council, Madras, 1862: Member of Council, Madras, 1867–72: Acting Governor of Madras, Feb. to May, 1872: K.C.S.I.: 1873: Member of the Supreme Council, 1875–80: C.I.E.: President of the Council, 1878 and 1879: Vice-Chancellor of Madras and Calcutta Universities: Member of the Council of India, 1887–97: author of Selections from Minutes of Maj-General Sir Thomas Munro, Life of Lord Clive, and a number of articles in the Dictionary of National Biography.