Dictionary of Indian Biography/Bayley, Sir Edward Clive


I.C.S.: son of E. Clive Bayley: born Oct., 1821: educated at Haileybury: went to India in 1842: served in the N.W.P., and the Panjab: Under Secretary in the Foreign Department in 1849: called to the bar at the Middle Temple in 1857: in the mutiny, was Under Secretary to Sir J. P. Grant when temporary Lieutenant-Governor of the "Central Provinces: Magte. of Allahabad: was for a short time Foreign Secretary in 1861: Home Secretary to the Government of India, 1862–72, and Member of the Supreme Council, 1873–78: K.C.S.I, in 1877: and C.I.E.: Vice-Chancellor of the Calcutta University, 1869–74, five times President of the