Dictionary of Indian Biography/Briggs, Henry George


Born in Bombay, Oct. 20, 1824: son of Henry Briggs: travelled in S. Africa, 1843: in China, 1845: settled in Bombay, 1846, in the ofifice of Briggs & Co.: served in the Bombay Secretariat: went to Karachi: edited, 1854, the Sindian, and, 1855, the Sind Kossid, both long since defunct: became, 1856, Assistant Secretary at Bombay to the G.I.P. Railway: Secretary to the Bombay Municipality, 1860–2: was a merchant and agent at Bombay and Hingolee, 1863: he wrote, 1849, Cities of Gujdrashtra, a book of travel in Gujarat, containing curious information gleaned from travellers in India: of whose rare works he made an extensive collection: published The Parsis or Modern Zardushtians, 1852, which has now been superseded: wrote an historical account of the Nizam, 1861, a valuable work containing special information. His firm failed in the share mania of 1865; he travelled in Gujarat, and settled in Calcutta, entering the P.W.D. there: in May, 1872, he went again to Bombay; died there July 4, 1872.