Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900/Ashton, John de (d.1428)

ASHTON, Sir JOHN de (d. 1428), seneschal of Bayeux, was the son of Sir John de Ashton and his wife, Margary Legh. He was one of forty-six esquires who were summoned to attend the grand coronation of Henry IV, in honour of which event they were solemnly admitted to the order of the Bath. He served in the parliament of 1413 as knight of the shire for Lancashire. In 1416 he was with the Duke of Clarence at the taking of Bayeux, and was entrusted by the king with the office of seneschal of the city. There is in the 'Fœdera' a document sent to him by Henry IV from Falaise, commanding him to give special protection to the inhabitants of the religious houses. He was also captain of Hadupais and bailiff of Constance. He was twice married and left many children, of whom the most distinguished were Sir Thomas de Ashton, the alchemist, and Sir Roger de Ashton, of Middleton. Sir John died in 1428.

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