Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900/Baillie, William (d.1593)

BAILLIE, WILLIAM, Lord Provand (d. 1593), Scottish judge, of the family of Baillie of Lamington, first appears as a judge of the court of session, 15 Nov. 1550. He was appointed president of the court on the death of John Sinclair, bishop of Brechin, in 1566. On 6 Dec. 1567, he was deprived of this office, in favour of Sir James Balfour, by the regent Murray, on the pretext that the act of institution required it to be held by a person of the spiritual estate. Balfour was in turn removed in 1568, when he was accused of participation in Darnley's murder, and Baillie, being reinstated, held the office till his death, 26 May 1593.

[Brunton and Haig's College of Justice.]

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