Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900/Beck, Thomas Alcock

BECK, THOMAS ALCOCK (1795–1846), author of 'Annales Furnesienses,' was the son of James Beck, gentleman, and was born at Newcastle-upon-Tyne 31 May 1795. He was educated at Archbishop Sandys's grammar school, Hawkshend, Lancashire, and later in life by a private tutor. He never adopted any profession. Having, owing to a special complaint, become unable to walk somewhat early in life, he mitigated the tedium of confinement at his residence of Esthwaite Lodge, Lancashire, by the composition of his 'Annales Furnesienses,' published in 1844 in a splendid quarto volume, a work not only completely exhaustive on all matters bearing on the history of the abbey of St. Mary, but of prime importance with regard to antiquarian research throughout the whole district of Furness. He died 24 April 1846, and was buried in Hawkshead churchyard. A beautiful mural tablet has been erected in the church to his memory.

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T. F. H.