Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900/Colbatch, John (d.1729)

Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900, Volume 11
Colbatch, John (d.1729) by no contributor recorded

COLBATCH, Sir JOHN (d. 1729), physician, a native of Worcester, where he practised for some years as an apothecary, was admitted a licentiate of the College of Physicians on 22 Dec. 1696, was knighted by George I on 5 June 1716, and died on 15 Jan. 1728-9. His books are ridiculed in Garth's 'Dispensary,' canto v. He published:

  1. 'The New Light of Chirurgery,' 1695, 12mo.
  2. 'Physico-Medical Essays,' 1696.
  3. 'Causes and Nature of Gout,' 1697.
  4. 'Extraordinary Cure of the Bite of a Viper by Acids,' 1698.
  5. 'Collection of Tracts,' including the foregoing, 1700, 1704.
  6. 'Further Considerations concerning Alkaly and Acid,' 1698.
  7. 'Scheme for Methods to be taken should it please God to visit us with the Plague,' 1721.
  8. 'Dissertation concerning Mistletoe, & remedy in Convulsive Distemper,' 3rd ed. 1723.
  9. 'Dr. Colbatch's Legacy, or the Family Physician,' 1733.

His earlier tracts called forth 'Examination of John Colbatch, his books,' by Richard Boulton, 1699.

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