Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900/Dygon, John

DYGON, JOHN (fl. 1512), Benedictine monk and musician, was admitted bachelor of music at Oxford in April 1512. He is said to have been prior of the monastery of St. Augustine at Canterbury, and has been confused with another John Dygon, who was abbot of the same monastery from 1497 to 1509. Prior Dygon has been identified, with much probability, with one John Wyldebere, who at the dissolution became vicar of Willesborough, and was still there in 1542. The several conjectures as to Dygon's individuality are discussed in Grove's ‘Dictionary of Music,’ iv. 625. His only extant composition is printed in Hawkins's ‘History of Music,’ ii. 518, and shows him to have been in advance of many of his English contemporaries.

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W. B. S.