Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900/Hall, Henry (d.1713)

HALL, HENRY, the younger (d. 1713), organist, son of Henry Hall the elder [q. v.], succeeded his father in 1707 as organist of Hereford Cathedral. He is said to have composed little or no music, applying himself to verse-making. Such trifles as 'To Mr. R. C., a dun;' 'All in the Land of Cider;' 'Catch on the Vigo Expedition,' in 'The Grove,' 1721; and 'A Ballad on the Jubilee,' in 'Pope's Miscellany' (Lintot, 5th edit., 1727, vol. ii.) were admired for their ease and brilliancy in an age that was not repelled by their coarseness. Hall's commendatory poem prefixed to Blow's 'Amphion' is a pleasing example of his writing. There is no mention in the 'Fasti Herefordenses' of the election of the younger Hall to the office of vicar choral, though after his death, on 22 Jan. 1713, he was buried in the cloisters, near his father.

[For authorities see under Hall, Henry the elder.]

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