Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900/Lenton, John

LENTON, JOHN (fl. 1682–1718), musician, was sworn gentleman of the Chapel Royal extraordinary on 10 Nov. 1685 (Rimbault). He played the violin and flute, and was a member of the royal band from 1692 to 1718 (Angliæ Notitia).

Lenton wrote: 1. The music to ‘Venice Preserved,’ 1682, some manuscript parts of which are in the library of the Royal College of Music. 2. Songs in D'Urfey's third collection, 1685. 3. Catches in ‘Apollo's Banquet,’ pt. i., 1693. 4. ‘The Gentleman's Diversion, or the Violin Explained,’ 1694. 5. (In conjunction with Thomas Tollet) ‘A Consort of Music in Three Parts,’ 1694. This is probably the work described by Walther as instrumental trios by Lenton or Lenthon, published in Holland. 6. Airs in the tragedy ‘The Ambitious Stepmother,’ published by Walsh in 1701. 7. ‘The Useful Instructor for the Violin,’ being a second edition of ‘The Gentleman's Diversion,’ with an appendix and the airs omitted, 1702. Overture and act tunes to the following plays: 8. ‘Tamerlane,’ 1702; 9. ‘Fair Penitent,’ 1703; 10. ‘Liberty Asserted,’ 1704; 11. ‘Abra Muley,’ 1704 (library of the Royal College). 12. Additions and corrections to Playford's ‘Wit and Mirth,’ 1709. 13. Catches in ‘Pleasant Musical Companion,’ 1720. 14. Trio, ‘Awake, fair Venus’ (Egerton MS. 2013).

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