Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900/Limpus, Richard

LIMPUS, RICHARD (1824–1875), founder of the College of Organists, born 10 Sept. 1824, studied at the Royal Academy of Music, and became organist successively of Brentford, St. Andrew Undershaft, and St. Michael's, Cornhill. He was a highly educated musician, and composed some minor sacred and secular music; but he is noted as the founder, in 1864, of the College of Organists, of which he was secretary till his death in London 15 March 1875. The institution, established with the view of providing a central organisation of the profession of organist, together with a system of examination and certificates, is now the most influential of its kind in the country, and Limpus did much to give it this position.

[Grove's Dict. of Music, ii. 139; Musical Times, April 1875; The Choir, 20 March 1875.]

J. C. H.