Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900/Mackenzie, Dugal

MACKENZIE, DUGAL (d. 1588?), Scottish author, was son of Dugal Mackenzie of Kishorn (natural son of John Mackenzie, ninth baron of Kintail). Dugal was educated at the school of Chanonry and the universities of Aberdeen (where he graduated M.A.) and Paris. On his return to Scotland, according to George Mackenzie (1669–1725) [q. v.], he was installed a regent in the university of Aberdeen, ‘with the unanimous applause of the whole masters of the University.’ Of this appointment there is no mention in the records of the university, which, however, are very imperfect for the sixteenth century.

Dempster, who styles him ‘David Makynius … vir magnæ et reconditæ eruditionis, memoria etiam in paucis rara,’ gives his date of death as ‘anno mdlxcviii,’ a possible misprint for mdxxcviii. The year 1588 is given by George Mackenzie, and agrees better with his parentage. According to Dempster he wrote ‘Carmina varia’ and ‘Epigrammata vtraque lingua.’ Tanner states that he published at Paris in 1578 ‘In Sibyllina Oracula,’ extracts from classical and patristic literature, 8vo.

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P. J. A.