Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900/Molloy, Charles (1646-1690)

1327998Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900, Volume 38 — Molloy, Charles (1646-1690)1894Bertha Porter

MOLLOY, CHARLES (1646–1690), legal writer, a native of King's County, born in 1646, was probably a member of the family of Molloy of Clonbeale, which claims to be the representative of the O'Molloys of Farcale or O'Molloys' Country. He seems to have entered at Lincoln's Inn on the last day of Trinity term 1663, and Gray's Inn on 28 June 1669. In the books of Gray's Inn it is stated that in consequence of his previous standing at Lincoln's Inn his admission was to date from 7 Aug. 1667.

Molloy was the compiler of an extensive treatise on maritime law and commerce, entitled 'De Jure Maritimo et Navali,' which was the standard work on the subject till superseded by the publications of J. A. Park, S. Marshall, and Lord Tenterden. Molloy's work contained little that was not also to be found in the ' Consuetudo vel Lex Mercatoria ' by Gerard Malynes [q. v.] The small portion of the book devoted to the law concerning bills of exchange is said by Kent (Commercial and Maritime Law, p. 122) to be inferior to the treatise of John Marius. 'De Jure Maritimo' was published in London in 1676, 1677, 1682, 1688, 1690, 1707, 1722, 1744, 1769, 1778. Molloy also published 'Holland's Ingratitude, or a Serious Expostulation with the Dutch,' London, 1666, in which he introduced laudatory verses on George Monck, duke of Albemarle, and Prince Rupert.

Molloy married, at East Barnet, on 17 Dec. 1670 (par. reg.), Elizabeth Day, by whom he had at least one son, Charles, who edited the 1722 edition of 'De Jure Maritimo.' Molloy died in Crane Lane Court, Fleet Street, in 1690, his wife having predeceased him. Administration was granted to his creditors in April 1692.

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