Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900/Oliver (d.1219)

OLIVER (d. 1219), bastard son of King John, by a mistress named Hadwisa, who must be distinguished from Hadwisa of Gloucester, John's first wife, is mentioned, along with such men as Hubert de Burgh, as a royalist champion during Louis's attack upon England in alliance with the revolted English iMironsin the last year of John's reign. The invaders, advancing on Winchester, found their progress barred (June 1216) 'by the great castle of the king, and that of the bishop, called Wolvesey,' overlooking the city, in which last was 'Oliviers, uns fils le roi de has, qui escuiers estoit.' Later on (March 1217), under Henry III, Oliver took part with Hubert de Burgh in the defence of Dover against the French. A grant was made him of 'unum dolium vini,' under date 8 Oct. 1215, by the king at Canterbury. The 'Castnim de Tonge' was given him at Rochester on 10 Nov. of the same year, and this was confirmed by Henny III on 23 June 1217. The 'Mansio de Erdington' was granted him on 17 July 1216, and the property of Hanedon or Hamedon on 14 March 1218, to hold 'until Eva de Tracy, who claims it, shall have made satisfaction for the same with sixty marks.'

Oliver left England in 1218 to join in the fifth crusade. Early in October 1218 he arrived at Damietta with the legate Pelayo, Earl Ranulf of Chester, Earl William of Arundel, and Lord William of Harecourt Matt. Paris). In the following year he died at Damietta, but whether by disease or in battle is unknown.

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