Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900/Peck, James

PECK, JAMES (1773–1810?), musician, music engraver, and publisher, is stated to have been born in London in 1773 (Fétis), and would seem to be a member of a family of printers and booksellers residing at York and Hull. A musician named Peck died at Bath on 3 Feb. 1784, but his relationship with James cannot be traced. James composed 1. ‘Kisses,’ a glee for three voices, published by Preston about 1798. It was followed by 2. ‘Love and sparkling Wine,’ and 3. ‘Hail, Britannia,’ printed by himself at Westmorland Buildings about 1799. Some of his other publications were: 4. ‘Two hundred and fifty Psalm-tunes,’ in three parts, 1798. 5. ‘Peck's Collection of Hymn-tunes, Fugues, and Odes,’ chiefly original, in three and four parts, 1799. 6. ‘Peck's Miscellaneous Collection of Sacred Music’ … original and selected hymn-tunes and odes, printed at Westmorland Buildings, and (book iii.) at Newgate Street, 1809. 7. ‘Vocal Preceptor.’ 8. ‘Flute Preceptor.’ 9. ‘Advice to a young composer,’ 1810. 10. ‘Soft be the gently breathing notes,’ a hymn for two or three voices, with accompaniment for two flutes and pianoforte,’ 1810? 11. ‘Sacred Gleanings, or Hymn-tunes adapted for two flutes.’ 12. ‘Beauties of Sacred Harmony, or Vocalist's Pocket-book,’ 1824. 13. ‘Peck's Pocket Arrangement of Psalm and Hymn-tunes,’ 3 vols., 1833. The later works were probably published by John Peck, the organist at St. Faith's, and James Peck the younger.

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