Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900/Percy, Peter

PERCY, PETER (fl. 1486), alchemist, was a priest and canon of the collegiate church of Maidstone. He wrote a treatise on the philosopher's stone which was twice copied, in 1595 and 1600, and exists in the Ashmolean MSS. 1406, iv. 79, and 1423, iii. 10. It contains sixty-two alchemical recipes and experiments, and begins ‘Solidatura ad Y (i.e. ☾) R′ij partes Y,’ and ends ‘De isto pulvere mitte unam partem super 1000 ✣ (i.e. ☿) ut supra. Finis.’

[Tanner's Bibliotheca; Cat. of Ashmolean MSS.]

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