Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900/Reginald (d.1200)

Contains subarticle Reginald (fl. 1125).

REGINALD (d. 1200), abbot of Walden, became prior of that house in 1164. Through the liberality of its benefactors, notably of William de Mandeville, third earl of Essex [q. v.], Reginald was enabled to raise the priory to the position of an abbey in 1190. The elevation of the house at the expense of the Mandeville estates brought upon it the enmity of the heir, Geoffrey FitzPeter. But the latter, after showing much hostility, also became a benefactor of the abbey (Dugdale, Mon. Angl., iv. 145 seq.) Reginald appointed vicars to his dependent churches, but conceded to William de Mandeville, during his lifetime, the right of nominating the clergy of seven. He has been placed in the lists of the chancellors of England, but this seems to be a mistake.

Another Reginald (fl. 1125) was, according to Leland's uncorroborated testimony (Itinerary, ii. 44), chancellor in Henry I's reign, and afterwards prior and benefactor of the Cluniac house of Montacute in Wiltshire. His name does not appear in the accredited lists of the priors and benefactors of that house.

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