Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900/Salmon, William (fl.1745)

SALMON, WILLIAM (fl. 1745), writer on building, was a carpenter and builder at Colchester, Essex, who wrote practical treatises on all the branches of his trade, including plumbers', plasterers', and painters' work, with which he claimed practical acquaintance. He published: 1. ‘The London and Country Builder's Vade Mecum, or the Compleat and Universal Estimator,’ 1745, 8vo; 3rd edit. 1755. 2. ‘Palladio Londinensis, or the London Art of Building,’ 1734, 4to; 5th edit., with alterations and improvements by Hoppus and others, and the ‘Builder's Dictionary’ annexed, 1755.

Salmon's son, of the same christian name, lived at Colchester, and wrote books of like character. The two are frequently confounded. In 1820 a William Salmon was ‘late surveyor to the corporation of the Law Association.’ The younger William Salmon published: 1. ‘The Country Builder's Estimator, or Architect's Companion;’ 3rd edit., corrected by Hoppus, 1746; 6th edit. 1758; 8th edit., with additions by John Green of Salisbury, 1770. 2. ‘The Builder's Guide and Gentleman and Tradesman's Assistant,’ 1759.

[The works of the elder and younger Salmon; Dict. of Architecture.]

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