Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900/Thomas of Beverley

THOMAS, called of Beverley (fl. 1174), hagiographer, probably born at Beverley, became a monk in the Cistercian abbey of Fresmont in Picardy. He wrote in prose and verse an extant life of St. Margaret of Jerusalem, his sister. A large portion of this work is printed from a copy of a Clairvaux manuscript by Manriquez in his ‘Annales Cistercienses’ under 1174 and following years.

[Manriquez's Annales Cistercienses, ad an. 1174–92; Leyser's Hist. Poet. et Poem. med. ævi, pp. 435–6; Carolus de Visch's Biblioth. Script. Ord. Cist. pp. 311 seq., ed. Colon, 1656; Henriquez's Phœnix Reviviscens, pp. 158 seq.; Wright's Biogr. Brit. Lit. ii. 313–14.]

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