Doubloons  (1923) 
by Ralph D. Paine

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By Ralph D. Paine

Since the days of Sir Henry Morgan, the most celebrated of the buccaneers, who died in 1688, the legend of treasure buried by pirates and a chart to mark the spot has been a deep-rooted belief in the romantic faith of deep-sea sailormen. The legend reached high tide about eighty years ago when Edgar Allan Poe wrote his famous tale “The Gold Bug.” Slowly the belief in buried pirate treasure has receded, yet even to-day there are thousands who constantly seek for such treasure, and there are few of the older deep-sea men who have not seen, at some time, a “chart” directing the searcher where to find buried treasure, usually upon some lonely island, or some deserted mainland beach. Mr. Paine, in this story, has told the tale of a pirate chart in his clear, convincing style. It reads, to the editors, like a true story with extraordinary happenings.

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