Dual and Triple Routing on State Trunklines 1983-03-17

Dual and Triple Routing on State Trunklines  (March 17, 1983) 
John J. Kanillopoolos

DATE: March 17, 1983
TO: Trunkline Numbering Committee
FROM: John J. Kanillopoolos, Supervising Engineer
Reflective Systems Unit
Traffic and Safety Division
SUBJECT: Dual and Triple Routing on State Trunklines

At our last Trunkline Numbering Committee meeting December 1982, we reviewed the list of dual and triple routing researched and prepared by the Traffic and Safety Division; a list prepared by Transportation Planning from our inventory and a Transportation Planning proposed recommendation to change some segments of five routes. Concerning your suggestions:

  1. Stop M-28 at US-41 south of Marquette and select new markers for the route from US-141 to the Wisconsin state line - M-28 is a continuous route along the northern portion of the U.P. and would be impractical to change this route number. An alternative would be to have US-41 which intersects with US-2, go west to existing US-141, then replace existing US-141 up to M-28. This would require a new route number between Rapid River and Marquette for the existing US-41.
  2. US-2 Signing from St. Ignace to Sault Ste. Marie - The District Traffic and Safety Engineer, Paul Michelin, and we concur that US-2 could terminate at St. Ignace. We recommend that the department contact AASHTO and proceed to remove US-2 along I-75.
  3. M-68 Signing ending at US 31 east of Petoskey - The District Traffic and Safety Engineer, Fred Eggan, and we concur that M-68 should end at Alanson.
  4. M-32 Signing ending at M-66 - District Traffic and Safety Engineer, Bruce Conradson, has already removed the signs along this section of M-66.
  5. US-10 - Eliminate the entire route numbering in Michigan - We concur with changing US-10 to M-10 from Ludington to Bay City, and eliminating US-10 from Bay City to Detroit. This action would require extension of US-24 (Telegraph Road) to I-75 changing US-10BR in the city of Pontiac to US-24BR, and extending M-4 (Northwestern Highway) to Cobo Hall. Although this is an expensive option, this will ultimately save this agency funds. District Traffic and Safety Engineer, Dave Van Hine, suggested consideration be given to extending M-25 from Bay City to Ludington instead of changing to M-10. M-25 would be a continuous route from Port Huron to Ludington.

Other comments prepared by Traffic and Safety Division on the list of dual and triple routing segments.


  1. Segment #1, US-10, I-75, and US-23 - We propose eliminating US-10.
  2. Segment #5, BL-94, M-50, and BL-127 in Jackson - We propose that BL-127 be removed in the city of Jackson
  3. Segment #8, M-46, US-31BR, and I-96BS in Muskegon - We recommend that M-46 end at US-31BR and the I-96BS be eliminated.


  1. Segment #9, US-2 at I-75 - Recommend that US-2 be deleted along the section from St. Ignace to Sault Ste. Marie.
  2. Segment #12, M-27, M-33 in Cheboygan County - We recommend removal of M-33 between M-27 and US-23.
  3. Segment #14, US-31, M-68 in Emmet County - We recommend ending of M-68 at Alanson.
  4. Segment 15, M-66 and M-32 in Charlevoix County - We recommend M-32 end at M-66.
  5. Segment #51, M-54 and M-83 - M-54 can be terminated at the junction of Gera-Birch Run Road intersection.
  6. Segment #57, BL-96, US-31BR - Eliminate BL-96, city of Muskegon.
  7. Segment #60, US-10, I-75 - Eliminate US-10.
  8. Segment #62, M-43, M-52 Ingham County - End M-43 at the north junction of M-52.
  9. Segment #76, BL-196, US-31BR, city of Holland - Eliminate US-31BR.
  10. Segment #79, US-31, US-33, Berrien County - Eliminate US-33 from the proposed US-31 freeway through St. Joseph up to I-196 and renumber it M-63.
  11. Segment 82, US-33, BL-94 - Eliminate US-33 and change it to M-63.
  12. Segment #94, M-50, US-127BR, city of Jackson - Eliminate US-127BR.
  13. Segment #107, US-31BR, M-46 - End M-46 at US-31BR.
  14. Segment #108, M-20, US-10BR, city of Midland - End M-20 at US-10BR.
  15. Segment #110, US-10BR, BL-75 - Change US-10BR to US-24BR in the city of Pontiac.
  16. Segment #111, US-10, US-24, Oakland County - Eliminate US-10.

These items should be given prompt consideration.

John J. Kanillopoolos

Supervising Engineer


cc R. J. Ku2ma
Reflective Systems Unit
District Traffic and Safety Engineers

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