Edmund L. Kelley interview with Lorenzo Saunders (1884)

Edmund L. Kelley interview with Lorenzo Saunders — read and signed by Lorenzo Saunders.  (1884) 
Edmund L. Kelley

Published in: Dan Vogel, Early Mormon Documents, vol. 2, Salt Lake City: Signature Books, pp. 159-60. Original in archives of the Community of Christ, Independence, Missouri.

E.L.K.: So you saw Rigdon in 1827? A[nswer]. Yes sir. Is not it possible that it was in 1830?

Mr. L.S.: No. because it was when Jo. Smith claimed to get the plates. Jo. Smith told the story but he told so many stories, it was a hard thing to get the fact in any way or shape. Now I can tell you what he told to our house respecting this revelation that he had in the very commencement before Alvin died, his brother; Sometime before this he claimed that he saw the Angel & that he was notified of these plates & all that & the time would be made known to him but it was not at that time made known to him but he must take his oldest brother & go to the spot & he could obtain them. Before that time his oldest brother died. Jo. Smith got that revelation a year or two before that. I do not know as I can tell what year Alvin died in[.] It was in the summer before Alvin died he told it at our house. perhaps Mrs. Smith has got the date of Alvins death in her record. After that Alvin died; Then Joseph said that he saw the angel again; The Angel told him he must go & get him a wife & then he could take his wife & go & get the plates. & he pretended he must get a black horse or a mule to go & get the plates[.] We went there & we examined the hill all over where he claimed to got the plates & we could not find a place that was broke & there was no plates on the ground where the hill was not broke. Robinson said he tried many times to find the hole where he took them out, that is on the west hill it was C cleared off[.]