Elemoont/Chapter 30

tells how the Cat and the Elemoont follow the tracks and…

"What — ‘and ‘?" asked the Elemoont. "Nothing”, answered the Tiger–Cat reading the title of this chapter once more (some cats can read). "Simply — ‘and’— and all."

"I don't like these ‘and’ cantankerously remarked the Elemoont who as many other elephants liked the clarity and solidity in all things, "There is a hint on a some surprise here."

"No one can do anything about it," cheerfully said the Cat who likes other cats cannot stand surprises but during whole his life constantly meet them, "To a certain extent we expect it and, therefore, it will be not a surprise."

"It will be very nice," sight the Elemoont, "But all the same I want to know beforehand what kind of suddenness it will be."

"Soon we'll know it," said the Cat, "I hope only it will be not the Mental Convulsion."

The Elemoont did not know what thing was the Mental Convulsion but it was awfully wanted to him that it would not be the Mental Convulsion. "What do we frighten ourselves?" angrily said he. "Maybe it will be a nice unexpectedness!"

"Hmm…" muttered the Cat with a doubt." I don't know why it is so, but nice surprises meet us more rarely than unpleasant ones. However, we must not waste a time. Let's follow in the tracks and there we can see something."

"Let's go," agreed the Elemoont.

He got off the gruntler–scooter and began to trample the footprints under his feet.

"What do you do?" exclaimed the Cat.

"I have followed in the tracks." answered the Elemoont, "And I ought to say that it is not a simple work. The triangle dust have picked my heels!"

"They don't follow somebody's track so!" was angry the Cat.

"But how?"

"Don't feign! Sometimes you follow in anybody's track predatorily having your tail between your legs, didn't you?

"Between my legs? No!" firmly said the Elemoont, "Never! On the moon only elephants–pathfinders follow somebody's tracks, but they never have their tails between their legs!"

"Well," agreed the Cat, "They may have their tails relaxed. But none the less they must follow in somebody's tracks correctly."

"You want to say that I have followed in the tracks incorrectly?" was astonished the Elemoont.

"Of course! You have not to trample that footprint; you must seek the second one."

"And trample it?"

"No! There is no need to trample any tracks at all."

"Then what must I do?"

"You must sniff the second track and seek the third."

"And the first track?"

"What ‘the first track'?"

"Must I sniff the first track?"

The Cat looked at the place where the first track was and said, "No! You must not sniff it already."

"Then why must I sniff the second track?"

"Mm…It's too long to explain it, let's better sit on the gruntler–scooter and go in that way where these footprints lead. Especially as we can see them well."

Really, some triangle moons hanging near lighted up all around by nice yellowish light. The chain of mysterious tracks stretched to the horizon wriggling between triangular craters and reaching the horizon (which was also triangle) did not disappear behind it but went away straight into the triangle sky. The Cat and the Elemoont sat on the gruntler–scooter and sped it up to the second cosmic velocity to overcome the Moon's gravitation. The tracks motionlessly hung in the space going away into the infinity.

"It's very strange phrase," muttered the Cat.

"What are you talking about?" asked the Elemoont.

"About that phrase: ‘motionlessly hung in the space going away into the infinity’. And meanwhile they really have hung, as you can see, and really have gone away. It's the theory of relativity but not the tracks!"

The Elemoont did not understand what the Cat is talking. He wanted to look at the tracks to find out what strange things there are in them as — SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! — and all triangular moons had burned out! Only tracks continued to shine of mysterious goldish light.

"Somebody has put all moons out!" exclaimed the Elemoont.

"I suspect it is the very that SOMEBODY who left these incredible tracks," remarked the Cat, "And it is the very mighty SOMEBODY."

"But who is that SOMEBODY?" became thoughtful the Elemoont and then and here slapped himself on his forehead, "Of course! I had to guess at once! It's the Great Magician of the Universe Mr. Moonswitcher. It was he, who had switched the moons off."

"Therefore, we have followed in the tracks of the Great Magician?" conjectured the Cat.

"Yes!" confirmed the Elemoont, "Now it's clearly how these tracks can hang still and at the same time go into the infinity. Only the Great Magician can leave such tracks."

"Maybe it's the better for us to turn off the tracks?" was in doubt the Elemoont, "It seems to me, it is very dangerous thing to follow in the Great Magician's tracks. Where did he go?"

"I think I know where he went," said the Cat.


"He walked on his own business."

"His own business?"

"Yes. He is occupied with switching the moons off, and many of moons had switched off already. It's a dark business!"

"So, I dreamt about the Elemoontopotamus not for anything. The Elemoontopotamus warned about Mr. Moonswitcher's wish to switch all moons off!"

"Not for nothing," agreed the Cat, "As you remember, we decided to prevent him from switching your own Moon."

"The Elemoontopotamus told just about it!" said the Elemoont, "We shall not to turn off the tracks!"

He increased velocity and their gruntler–scooter rushed along the tracks straight into the infinity.