Elemoont/Chapter 38

This chapter is the last in this story. The Good had defeated the Evil and Happy End came but it was somewhat suspicious.

The Hare, who lagged behind and felt himself not very agreeable on the Moon, thought, "Mr. Red will give me a thrashing without fail. I lit the fire too late!" The Tiger–Cat who, of course, led the way together with the Elemoont reassured him saying telepathically, "You may be quite sure that Mr. Red don't think about you. He is very busy at this moment."

Really, Mr. Red stood before Mr. Moonswitcher and asked him, "So, for all that, why you had extinguished all my moons?"

"Be silent, you, cosmic cockroach!" answered Mr. Moonswitcher. "I simply want to do it."

"I'll not be silent!" continued Mr. Red, "I'll set the Mental Convulsion on you!"

He took off his top hat; red smoke belched from it and the Mental Convulsion sprang up out of clouds of smoke. It was an abstract animal with awful appearance, which paralyzed anybody's consciousness. However, Mr. Moonswitcher was a great magician. He only looked at the Mental Convulsion and it dissolved in the air. However, what I say? There is no any air on the Moon! The Mental Convulsion dissolved and all.

"Ah, so!" cried Mr. Red and threw to Mr. Moonswitcher clouds of red smoke.

"Ap–tchy!" said Mr. Moonswitcher and scraps of smoke flew away over the entire cave. The Martian Mosquito nudged the Hunter and whispered, "We have to find our way out of this box for the time being the clouds of smoke are thick." They lifted the top of the box and began to steal to the exit. The Mosquito trod on Mr. Moonswitcher's post–stamps by which he wanted to extinguish the Moon and picked it up. "Let hide it," said the Hunter.

Going out of the cave, they saw the marching column of elemoonts, pirates, lunatics, and penguins.

"Come here! Come here!" cried the Mosquito.

At that time Mr. Moonswitcher and Mr. Red run out of the cave. They really sparkled from fury

"Give back my magic post–stamps!" hissed Mr. Moonswitcher

"I'll not return it!" hissed in the answer Mr. Red (If it is possible to hiss it), "I didn't take it!"

"You are the liar!"

"And you are the fool!"

They pitched into each other and began a furious fight rolling in the dust. The elemoonts, the pirates, the lunatics, and the penguins looked at them with amazement.

"I'm the Ruler of the Universe!" cried Mr. Red with his red voice, "How dare you to strike me!"

"You tell lie! I'm the Ruler of the Universe!" answered Mr. Moonswitcher with dark purple bass, and they continued the scrap.

"What is it?" asked the elemoonts. "Hey, you, stop the fight!"

"Who venture to give an instruction to me, the Ruler of the Universe?" wheezed Mr. Red.

"You are miserable bugs of the Cosmos!" added Mr. Moonswitcher.

"We are bugs?" took offense the elemoonts, "These hooligans not only spoil our demonstration, they call us on top of everything!"

"Hold your tongue, you are wretched small insects!" answered either Mr. Red or Mr. Moonswitcher, "Disappear from view!"

"No!" said the Elemoont, "It will be better if you yourselves disappeared from view. Caramba!"

And he waved his magic wand. Mr. Moonswitcher and Mr. Red were rooted on the spot during an instant and…("Well," thought the Cat. "Again that ‘And’.") And disappeared! Then a strange animal resembling either a big dog or small bear got out of the cave and said. "Hello! My name is Happy End. I have come and it means that this story safely comes to its close."

"No!" the Hunter disagreed, "Who will deliver me to the Earth?"

"And us!" said the penguins.

"And us!" added the Cat and the Hare.

"There is the magic carpet in Mr. Moonswitcher's box," said the Happy End, "You can fly away on it. Therefore the story come to its close."

"Wait a little!" said the Elemoont remembering his dream. I must take away the sorcery from the spring."

He waved his magic wand and even had no time to say a magic spell as suddenly the stone fountain came back to life and spurted parti-colored jets.

"Water!" joyfully cried the elemoonts.

"H2O!" took up lunatics

All they began to douche themselves with cold water.

"Is the end now, at last?" asked the Happy End, "I'm in a hurry. A huge amount of events takes place in the world and I must be here and everywhere in a due time. Every tale must have its Happy End. Shall we finish?"

"I think we may finish our adventures," said the Elemoont, "Although, perhaps, we'll meet Mr. Red and Mr. Moonswitcher in the future."

"Of course!" was heard from nearest black hole.

"But for the present all had finished quite safely," remarked the Tiger–Cat, "At least I may lie on the sofa with impunity."

"And we'll not to plunder anybody," said yogurtical pirates, "We'll learn to produce yogurt ourselves. A pity, we'll not have any adventures."

"I invite you to the Mars," said the Martian Mosquito, "You'll guard plantations of Martian cactuses and awful adventures are secured."

"Hurrah!" cried pirates. "We agree!"

"And I," said the Hunter, "I'll hunt only with a photocamera."

"It's right!' approved his decision the elemoonts

"Well," cut in the Happy End again. "Shall we finish this story?"

"Yes!" said the elemoonts, the lunatics and the penguins.

"Yes!" said the Mosquito and the Cat.

"Yes!" sad the Hunter.

And the Hare said in Russian, "Да!"

The Happy End clapped his hands and disappeared. This story has finished.

"Is it all?" asked the Cat.

"It is all!" answered the Elemoont.

At that moment the Moon shivered, awful thunder was heard and many New Year's trees began to start up into the sky. Like comets, the fir–trees dashed straight to the Earth.

"The New Year will come soon," said the Elemoont. "Where shall we meet it?"

However, it is another story.