Eminent Chinese of the Ch'ing Period/Hsiao-kung Jên Huang-hou

Hsiao-kung Jên Huang-hou 孝恭仁皇后, 1660–1723, June 25, secondary consort of Emperor Shêng-tsu, and mother of his fourth son and successor (see under Yin-chên), was the daughter of Wei-wu 威武 (also written 衛武) of the Uya 烏雅 clan, a lieutenant-colonel belonging to the Manchu Plain Yellow Banner. In 1679, the year following the birth of Yin-chên, she was made secondary consort of the fourth rank with the title of Tê-pin 德嬪, and in 1682 after the Emperor's sixth son, Yin-tso 胤祚 (1680–1685), was born to her, she was raised to the third rank with the title of Tê-fei 德妃. She was also the mother of his ninth daughter, later called Princess Wên-hsien 温憲公主 (1683–1702), wife of Sunggayan (see under T'ung Kuo-wei); of his fourteenth son, Yin-t'i [q. v.]; and of two of his short-lived daughters. When her son Yin-chên ascended the throne as Emperor Shih-tsung in 1723, she was made Empress Dowager (皇太后) with the title Jên-shou 仁壽 but died in the same year, age sixty-four (sui). She was given posthumously the status of Empress with the title Hsiao-kung Jên Huang-hou, and was buried at Ching Ling 景陵, the tomb of Emperor Shêng-tsu.

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M. Jean Gates