3639997Eminent Chinese of the Ch'ing Period, Volume 1 — Huang ChiDean R. Wickes

HUANG Chi 黃機 (T. 次辰, H. 雪臺), d. 1686 age 75 (sui), official and scholar, was a native of Ch'ien-t'ang (Hangchow). He became a chin-shih in 1647 and after a period of study in the Hanlin Academy was in 1649 made a compiler of the second class in the Hung-wên yüan 宏文院. In 1651 he was appointed examiner for Kiangnan. After serving in various official capacities he was in 1667 made president of the Board of Ceremonies, and after a number of promotions became in 1682 a Grand Secretary, acting concurrently as president of the Board of Civil Office. He retired in 1683, and died at home three years later. After his death he was given the title of Grand Tutor and the posthumous name Wên-hsi 文僖. Huang Chi was noted for his consistent character and for his long official career lasting about forty years. He was a skillful calligrapher; and left a collection of poems, entitled 浥露堂集 I-lu t'ang chi, not known to have been printed.

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Dean R. Wickes