Eminent Chinese of the Ch'ing Period/Jidu

JIDU 濟度, 1633–1660, Aug. 6, member of the Imperial Family, was the second son of Jirgalang [q. v.] and a grandson of Šurhaci [q. v.]. In 1652, at the age of twenty-two (sui), he was appointed a general in charge of an expedition against Chêng Ch'êng-kung [q. v.] and was given the title of Ting-yüan Ta-chiang-chün 定遠大將軍. He succeeded in 1656 in inflicting damage on the enemy's fleet and returned the following year to Peking. His father had died two years previously, and he succeeded to his father's rank of Ch'in-wang, but the designation was changed from Chêng 鄭 to Chien 簡. He himself died three years later, and in 1671 was given the posthumous name Ch'un 純. His princedom was later inherited by his second son, Labu [q. v.].

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George A. Kennedy