Eminent Chinese of the Ch'ing Period/Mao Pin

MAO Pin 毛霦 (T. 荊石), d. 1726, age 76 (sui), recluse and scholar, was a native of Yeh-hsien (Lai-chou), Shantung. He attracted the attention of a district magistrate when competing at the age of thirteen (sui) in a literary examination that took place in 1663. He spent his life in poverty and seclusion, leaving one short work, entitled 平叛記 Ping-p'an chi, with a preface dated January 1712. This work was first published by his son in 1716 and was republished about 1928 in the collection Yin-li tsai-ssŭ t'ang ts'ung-shu (see under Chu Yün). It describes the siege of Lai-chou by K'ung Yu-tê [q. v.], relating events in chronological order from January 19, 1632 to May 20, 1633. The Ssŭ-k'u Catalogue (see under Chi Yün) erroneously calls Mao an eyewitness of the events described; as a matter of fact they took place some twenty years before his birth.

[Yeh-hsien chih (1761), 4/65b, 3/13a; Ssŭ-k'u, 54/6b.]

George A. Kennedy