Encyclopædia Britannica, Ninth Edition/Anaximenes of Miletus

1837546Encyclopædia Britannica, Ninth Edition — Anaximenes of MiletusWilliam Wallace (1844-1897)


ANAXIMENES of Miletus nrry hnre hem n yuungrr eorrleinpemry of Arm-iiurnuler, whose pupil or friend the orrhnmy trnrlitinn represents him in hnve been. To him it seenlell that the nir, with all its variety ol colltents, its uuiversnl llmscuce, nnrl nll lhe vagueness wllich it line for the popular {army as the nppmnt source of life mid gmmth, was what mxlintnillnxl the universe, even as bmcltll, which i our life lull] will, sllslzlills us. This vital l>oundl(».~s in its hind, is the sollme of the wnrld’3 hle. Evexythillg is air at cl diifcmul drgrcc of density. Etcmlll movement perrnrlus it ; nnd xlutlwthe iniluenee of heat, u lrieh erpnurle, and hi eohl,uhieh eontrneth its volume, it gives rim to the serernl phnrs of existence. The process is a gmduhl our-, and tulres plane in nro direclions, as heat er cold. predo- ulilllttcs. Ill ihih way was formed 1 bl-lxld di 1; of earth. which floats like a leaf on the 4-il-cnnlzmlhiunt air. Similar vsondcnszlliolls pro(\u:e(' the sun nml etrns ; lmd the Lhlmillg stall: et (hue bodies is due eulelyte the extreme releeity of their motions. (See Bitter at Pl-ell Jlialorizt Pllil. §§ 23- 27; ]lll.lIJ1iz‘.ll,1"'m{/1ne:z1zz1’Ill'[.(.'rz(‘L' .241~243).

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