Encyclopædia Britannica, Ninth Edition/Badnur

BADNUR, the headquarters of the district of Betúl, consists, besides the European houses, of two bázárs. The largest, the Kothi Bázár, has a population of 2015 souls. The public buildings are the Commissioner's court-house, the district court-house, the jail, the schools, the police-station, the post-office, the dispensary, &c. There is a good sarái or inn for native travellers, and a dák bangalow or resting-place for Europeans. Not far from Badnúr is Kherlá, the former residence of the Gond Rájás, where there is an old fort, now in ruins, which used to be held by them. Lat. 21° 57′ N., long. 77° 59′ E.