Encyclopædia Britannica, Ninth Edition/Karl Hildebrand, Count of Canstein

CANSTEIN, Karl Hildebrand, Count of (1667- 1719), was born at Lindenberg, in 1667. He studied law at Frankfort, travelled in Italy and England, and served in one campaign ; but his health failing, he was obliged to retire into private life. At Berlin he became acquainted with Spener and Francke, whose influence determined him to devote his energies and time to further the circulation of the Bible. For this he obtained a large amount of money by subscription, and established at Halle the Bible Society which is named after him. In 1712, with the aid of Francke, he issued a stereotype edition of the New Testament at about fourpence a copy, and next year a similar edition of the whole Bible. In 1722 editions in Polish and Bohemian appeared. Canstein is . the author of a Life of Spener, a Harmony of the Gospels, and several theological works. He is, besides, one of those to whom the introduction of stereotype printing has been ascribed.