Encyclopædia Britannica, Ninth Edition/Elizabethgrad

From volume VIII of the work.
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ELIZABETHGRAD, or Yelizavetgrad, a fortified town and military depôt of South Russia, in the govern- ment of Kherson, is situated on the left bank of the Ingul, 153 miles N. by W. of Kherson, in 48° 31' N. lat. and 31° 17’ E. long. It is built with great regularity, and its streets are Spacious and in some cases lined with trees. It has a citadel with six bastions, a hospital, and several churches. Its trade is considerable, and its annual autumnal fair is the one most frequented in the government. It was founded in 1754, andwas named after the empress Elizabeth. The citadel was garrisoned with Cossacks, and the outskirts were settled with schismatics, or raskolniks, who had returned from Turkey. Including its four suburbs, the population of Elizabethgrad in 1873 was 31,962.